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February 26, 2024


ViaControl TM

Major Functions

Corporations nowadays not only protect their physical resources; human resources, intangible assets such as intellectual property, information, and goodwill are also very important. ViaControl provides effective monitoring and managing capabilities to help corporations minimize their risks in information security. ViaControl is an application to effectively monitor and manage corporate network activities, including:

Running Statistics

ViaControl can generate statistics reports on every application process, website browsing, and network flow in order to evaluate the behavior of staffs.

Real-time Monitoring

With ViaControl, administrator can monitor computer usage, including application usage, website browsing history, document operation, printing, screen snapshots, instant messages, and email contents in real time.

Policy Control

Computer restrictions including application usage, website browsing, document operation and printing, network usage, bandwidth, and devices can securely protect corporation information, enhance staff efficiency, and allow corporation to plan resources reasonably.

Real-time Maintenance

System administrators can monitor computers remotely with ViaControl. It controls computers, analyzes, and solves computer problems remotely.

Asset Management

ViaControl records hardware and software asset information in detail. Alert can be sent when there is any change in software or hardware. Asset information can be searched from custom-built query.

Patch and Vulnerability Management

ViaControl frequently checks Windows patches. It automatically downloads, distributes, and installs the patch to agents if new patch is found. Also, it scans for vulnerability frequently with analytical information and repair suggestions.

Software Deployment

ViaControl provides a simple way to distribute documents and deploy third party software to internal computers within the corporation to lighten the workload of administrator and enhance efficiency at the same time.

General characteristics:

Compress, archive, and view data

Optimized data compress algorithm to ensure high efficiency data access. Historical screen snapshot information is stored in the internal archive system of the server using a specialized compression format. System administrator can backup the archived data to backup storage device. Authorized users can search and view the historical data by selecting the target computer and its recording period.

Data Encryption

Data transfer between workstation and server are encrypted using DES algorithm. With this encryption technology, data is protected from illegal data capture.

System Authentication

Authentication is required for communication between server, agent, and console. Agent workstation can only respond to authenticated server to prevent unauthenticated server connecting to the network to steal data.

Friendly User Interface

Despite powerful monitoring and data management functions, ViaControl has a simple and easy-to-use user interface. All functions are well organized and visualized in the graphical user interface.

Expandable and Cost-saving Solution

Computer equipment can be fully utilized under ViaControl system. It can be easily deployed from a single workstation to a network environment. Number of managed workstations can also be adjusted. Hence, it reduces the software cost for hardware and network upgrade.

Module Description:


Modules Functions Details
Basic Information
Basic Information Record system information of every workstation in details (IP addresses, IP ports, operation system, logon account, current status, etc).
Basic Control Lock, shutdown, restart, and logoff agent computers.
Remote files and notices transfer to designated agents.
Basic Log Record basic event such as system startup/shutdown, user logon/logoff, dial-up, etc.
Basic Policy Block display of Control Panel, modify display properties, add printers, and delete printers.
Block fast switching user in XP.
Block Computers Management including device manager, disk management, local users and groups, and service management.
Block Task Manager and Regedit.
Block command prompt. Block any attempts to write to "Run" and "Run Once" in the registry.
Block modification of network property; hide "Network Places"; Block modification of Internet Options; Block default share; Block shares; Block adding shares; Block deleting shares.
Block ActiveX for chat, media, games, and FLASH.
System Alert Send alerts on any changes of software and hardware assets, removable storage and communication devices, system information, network allocation, etc.
Policy Log Record the details of any policies invoked by agents.
Application Management
Application Log Record application startup/shutdown.
Record windows and title changes.
The enquiry of application log is available by searching “Time”, “Application”, “Path/Title”, etc.
 Application Statistic Summarize and gather statistic of application usage; Present it in forms of list or chart.
Application Policy Limit application operations.
Alerts are prompted as unauthorized access to prohibited applications.
Web Management
Web Browsing Log Record website URLs and captions to estimate Internet usage.
The enquiry of web browsing log is available.
Web Browsing Statistic Summarize and gather statistic of websites browsed by staff; Present it in list or chart.
Web Policy Restrict website browsing in specific time zone.
Only allow browsing specific websites.
Bandwidth Management
Network Traffic Statistic Show network traffic statistic by IP addresses.
Show network traffic statistic by IP ports.
Analyze data in specific time zone.
Network Traffic Policy Manage network traffic by time.
Manage network traffic by IP addresses and IP ports.
Manage network traffic by receiving and sending direction.
Document Management
Document Operation Log Record document operations including create, access, edit, copy, move, and delete.
Record document operations on hard disks, movable storages and network paths.
Record document operations in local shares.
The enquiry of document operation log is available.
Document Policy Prevent illegal access to key documents on disks and network paths.
Prevent illegal edit and delete.
Document Backup Backup important documents before edit or delete.
Print Management
Printing Log Record information on printing application, time, printer, user, document name, etc.
Support printing log enquiry by searching “Time”, “Document”, etc.
Content Record Record pages printed to estimate usage.
Printing Policy Block illegal applications from printing.
Block printing on specific printer.
Screen Monitoring
Screen Snapshot Real-time capture computer screen activities.
Support multi-monitors.
Multi-screen function to view several computers at the same time.
Multi-screen function to view group computers at the same time.
Snapshot History Record screen history for further analysis.
Set different snapshot intervals on different applications.
Support video file conversion.
Remote Maintenance
Remote Maintenance Real time information checking.
Remote diagnostic agent’s problems.
Remote Control Administrator can remote control the agent computers just like VNC.
Easy demonstrate system operations to users.
Remote File Transfer Deliver files from local to remote computers.
Collect fault samples in the designated folder from remote computers.
Device Management
Device Policy Define rights of agent devices.
Storage:Floppy, CD-ROM, CD burner, tape drive, and movable device (USB drive, removable hard disk, memory stick, memory card, MO, Zip), etc.
Communication:Serial port, parallel port, USB controller, SCSI controller, 1394 controller, Infrared, PCMICA, Blue Tooth, MODEM, Direct connection(serial port, parallel port, USB), and dial-up connection.
USB Device:USB keyboard, USB mouse, USB Modem, USB image device, USB CD-ROM, USB storage, USB hard disk, USB network card, Other USB devices.
Others:Audio, wireless network card, PnP network card(USB,PCMICA), virtual CD-ROM, virtual network card.
Network Management
Network Communication Control Manage network communication by IP addresses.
Manage network communication by IP ports.
Manage network communication by receiving and sending directions.
Intrusion Detection Detect, alert, and prevent connection from illegal computers.
Email Management
Mail Monitoring Record all contents of outgoing and incoming mails and attachments.
Record normal mails and Exchange mails.
Record web mails and Lotus Notes mails.
Mail Policy Limit sender accounts.
Block specific recipients.
Block emails with attachment of specific file name or exceed size.
Instant Message Management
Instant Message Monitoring Monitor conversation histories of instant message applications(MSN, QQ, TM, RTX, ICQ, YAHOO, SINA UC, POPO, Skype,Lotus Sametime, etc) as well as files transferred via such applications.
IM File Transfer Policy Limit outgoing file names or file types.
Limit outgoing file size.
Backup outgoing files.
Asset Management
Asset Management Record software and hardware device information of every workstation in detail.
Record changes in hardware/software assets.
Self-defined asset properties to add additional information to the asset.
Self-defined asset to add non-computer assets for standardized management.
Patch Management Automatically scan the installation of patches of Microsoft products.
Download, distribute, and install patches automatically.
Vulnerability Scan Automatically scan and analyze system vulnerabilities.
Provide analysis reports.
Provide vulnerability solutions.
Software Deployment Automatically deploy and install software.
Distribute documents to designated agents.
Support breakpoint transmission.
Support backstage and interactive installation.
Removable Storage Management
Endpoint Devices Authorization Define removable storage access rights.
Prevent unauthorized removable device’s illegal access to agent computers.
Endpoint Devices Encryption Encrypt documents on specific removable storage devices.
Prevent illegal access to encrypted documents.