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ViaControl TM

File Encryption Module

ViaControl® File Encryption Module (FEM), the latest and powerful module of ViaControl, transparently and automatically encrypts files for authorized end users. It allows you to maintain data security without affecting end users’ productivity. If the encrypted files are opened outside the authorized environment, they cannot be accessed and recognized. ViaControl FEM enables you to protect confidential information and meets corporate compliance regulations. It helps you prevent data leaks and control data access. All data will be secured no matter they are stored on hard drives, removable storages, or even transferred via Internet. Using the ViaControl FEM, you can share the important business information with your partners, consultants, vendors, offsite contractors or anyone you work with without any worry. 

Why ViaControl File Encryption Module?

ViaControl® FEM effectively protects data at rest, in use and in motion. Adopting the virtual computing technology, together with the intelligent caching and the plaintext backup technique, ViaControl FEM ensures that the encryption system works fast and your encrypted files are secure all the time. Comparing to other encryption products, ViaControl FEM is much more stable, faster and securer with its thoughtful design using the leading techniques.

Ü Custom encryption algorithm is much safer.

IT managers can choose different encryption algorithms to process data encryption according to corporate management needs. This enables managers to fully control the security of business secrets.  

Ü Standby server always stands by.

ViaControl standby server is designed to be used if the primary server is crashed or the primary server has communication error with agent computers. Standby server ensures that the encryption function always works and the server is running at all times. 

Ü Humanised interface design is easy to use.

Users can easily master how to use it without any professional training. The interface of ViaControl FEM is really simple and user friendly.

 Ü The usage of intelligent caching technique will not affect system performance.

Adopting the intelligent caching technique, ViaControl FEM can quickly transform the plaintext into ciphertext and only uses very little CPU. The encryption is transparent. Users can still work fast using their computers because they cannot sense the existence of ViaControl encryption function.

 Ü Customers can tailor-made the list of authorized applications for data encryption freely.  

ViaControl® FEM is compatible with all Windows 7 applications. It supports the popular business applications such as MS Office, Notepad, Wordpad, AutoCAD, Photoshop, CorelDraw…etc. 

  Cannot find the application you want to use to encrypt the data?

Don’t worry! ViaControl FEM development team promises to help you support the applications you want to encrypt the data. The service is 100% free.




 ViaControl File Encryption vs. Full Disk Encryption

At present, there are many companies offering full disk encryption software but few companies are offering file encryption software. The reason is that file encryption needs a longer developing time to study every application and it is necessary to be compatible with every application when the encryption system is running on every computer. Having conquered this challenge, ViaControl takes the lead in launching the file encryption function in order to completely secure the valuable information for different organizations, including companies, governments, charities, financial institutions and educational sectors. The FEM has been tested on a large number of computers for over one year. ViaControl guarantees to provide customers with a stable, easy-to-use, secure and fast file encryption system.

 Shortcomings of Full Disk Encryption

l      It only protects the files stored in local encrypted hard drives but cannot protect the files transferred via email, IM applications, FTP and other applications. Once the files are sent to insecure environment, the protection is completely gone and your data in the files are at risk. 

l      Cannot effectively protect the files stored on local drives. If a hacker gains access to the computer at run-time, he can access all files.

l      Cannot limit the file operations like copy, paste, delete, print, print screen and move. Data can be easily leaked if the internal users intentionally copy and paste the contents to emails, IM applications, or forums. Confidential information may easily leave your company without anyone’s notice.

l      If the disk encryption system crashes, all the files stored in the computer will be lost. This will cause a huge loss for the company.

Advantages of ViaControl FEM

l      ViaControl FEM protects data at rest, in use and in motion. No matter the files are stored in local computer, removable storage, mobile devices, or transferred via Internet/Intranet, ViaControl FEM keeps the files secure. It effectively prevents data leaks.

l      100% automate and transparent file encryption. Users do not need to manually encrypt the files and input any encryption key.  

l      Automate file decryption within the authorized corporate environment. Only authorized users have the permissions to automatically decrypt files. If other users want to decrypt     the files, they need to send decrypt requests to IT manager and wait for the approval.  

l      Effective file sending control. Users cannot send encrypted files out. They need to send request to IT manager and wait for the approval before they can send out the encrypted files.

l      Strong authentication. When encrypted files are sent to external target recipients, the external recipients need to be authenticated before they can access the encrypted files. The ViaControl FEM ensures that the outgoing files are in the appropriate people’s hands.

l      Powerful file use control. ViaControl FEM not only empowers you to control the internal users’ file operations like read, write, delete, print screen, print and move, but also empowers you to control the file use when the files are sent to external recipients (business partners, producers, agents, etc.). Besides the file operation restrictions, you can also limit how many times external recipients can open the encrypted files, or setting the date which the access right of the files will be expired. 

l      ViaControl FEM enables you to build a clear and well-organized corporate file system. Different Users in different job positions can have different security clearance to access different files with respective security levels in respective security zones.

l      Modular architecture enables you to tailor the DLP solution to suit your needs. You can buy your favorite modules based on your data protection requirements. Moreover, additional module is easy to be added to your existing ViaControl system. If you already installed ViaControl on your computers and want to add the file encryption module, what you need to do is to upgrade the product serial number of the ViaControl server.

l      Centralized and integrated policy settings for file encryption. Administrator can centrally manage the whole corporate document system via the ViaControl console. Through one workstation, administrator can efficiently control the data security of the whole company. 

l      Only the files created or modified by the specified authorized applications will be encrypted. Unnecessary files created by unauthorized applications are not encrypted.

l      Uses commercial grade encryption algorithm AES 256 and another strong encryption algorithm triple-DES to encrypt plaintext into ciphertext. You can choose which algorithm you want to use for encrypting your data.

l      Supports silent installation. ViaControl FEM will not affect end users’ computer usage.